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What is the difference of ball valve?

Dec. 04, 2019

Shall I can introduce something about the difference of ball valve ? If yes, now I will begin. 1PC Ball Valve, 2PC Ball Valve, 3PC Ball Valve are our company's main products. But also we are one of the most professional supplier in our country. Therefore, we have a lot of them for sale. Besides, our products have met with a warm reception in many country and obtained favorable comments from customers.

First of all, ball valve came out in the 1950s. With the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of production technology and product structure, it has rapidly developed into a major valve in a short period of 40 years. In western industrialized countries, the use of ball valves is increasing year by year. In our country, ball valves are widely used in petroleum refining, long-distance pipelines, chemical industry, paper making, pharmacy, water conservancy, electric power, municipal administration, steel and other industries, occupying a pivotal position in the national economy. It has an action of rotating 90 degrees. The cock body is a sphere with a circular through hole or passage passing through its axis. Ball valve is mainly used to cut off, distribute and change the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline. It can be closed tightly with only 90-degree rotation and a small rotation torque. Ball valve is most suitable for use as switch and cut-off valve. V-type ball valve. In addition to paying attention to pipeline parameters, electric valves should also pay special attention to the environmental conditions in which they are used. As the electric device in the electric valve is an electronic mechanical device, its use state is greatly affected by its use environment. Under normal conditions, special attention should be paid to the use of electric ball valves and butterfly valves in the following environments.

2PC Ball Valve

2PC Ball Valve

Secondly, ball valve is divided into 1PC ball valve, 2PC ball valve and 3PC ball valve has many characteristics as followsWear resistance; As the valve core of the hard sealing ball valve is alloy steel spray welding, Good sealing performance; As the seal of the hard seal ball valve is manually ground, it cannot be used until the valve core and sealing ring are completely matched. So his sealing performance is reliable. Light switch; Because the bottom of the sealing ring of the hard seal ball valve adopts a spring to tightly hold the sealing ring and the valve core together, the switch is very light when the external force exceeds the prepare tightening force of the spring. Long service life: it has been widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, power generation, paper making, atomic energy, aviation, rockets and other departments, as well as in people's daily life.

Last but not least, 1PC ball valve, 2PC ball valve and 3PC ball valve are fundamentally different in valve body structure. The 1PC ball valve is fixed by a plug head, with small volume, reliable sealing, simple structure and convenient maintenance. One piece is of reduced diameter, and the actual circulation diameter is smaller than the thread diameter. The 2PC ball valve is fixed by clamping the ball between two pieces of valve bodies. The maintenance is relatively complicated. The tightness of the bolt in the middle is critical and is related to leakage. Two-piece ball valve is not suitable for high pressure. The 3PC ball valve is similar to the two-piece ball valve, but the middle of the ball is additionally provided with a valve body which is clamped by flanges with necks on both sides. 3PC ball valve is the easiest to disassemble.