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Let's Get to Know the Blind Flange!

Jun. 30, 2020

90° stainless steel elbow supplier  introduces to you:

A blind flange is commonly known as flange cover and blind plate (BL flange). A blind flange is similar to a steel plate with perforated edges. Because there is no inner hole in the middle, it becomes a blind flange. The connection method is to connect with the flange. The main function is to block the pipes and the heads and caps in the pipe fittings are a bit similar, but they are different because the place where the flange cover is installed is a "live" pipeline because it can be disassembled when used, when not used It can be blocked because it is fixed by bolts, so it is also very convenient to disassemble.

Due to the working pressure and the required bolt connection force, the blind flange needs to be able to withstand greater mechanical stress. The blind flange can be easily installed in the pipeline, easy to disassemble, and the construction personnel is in the pipe end of the installation or maintenance (which is the reason for the blind flange of the manhole of the pressure vessel).

Blind flange/BL flange function

It is used in the pipeline to match the flange of the equipment (instrument, valve, pump, flange, etc.). The blind plate is widely used. Generally, the pipeline is assembled to a certain degree and then blocked, and then it can be disassembled after continued installation. Continue to install, or clean up debris, etc.

Blind Flange

Blind Flange 

Advantages of Blind Flange connection

1. First, a reasonable mechanical design structure can help us reduce the pressure and wear between the flange surfaces;

2. In addition, the material and heat treatment process of the blind plate in Xinjiang also affect the overall quality of the flange;

3. Furthermore, if the blind flange works in a dusty or polluted environment, the necessary dustproof devices and sealing devices should be added;

4. Of course, the general method of reducing mechanical wear is also indispensable for the use of lubricants. For flanges, fluid static lubrication and fluid dynamic pressure lubrication can be used to deal with it;

5. You can also use a magnetic suspension support with higher technical accuracy to solve this problem.

6 The system has good stability and easy maintenance. The connection method of the grooved pipe fittings has unique flexible characteristics, which makes the pipeline have anti-vibration, anti-shrinkage and expansion capabilities. Compared with welding and flange connection, the stability of the pipeline system is increased. It is more suitable for temperature changes, thereby protecting pipeline valves and reducing damage to structural parts caused by pipeline stress.

Due to the simple connection operation of the grooved pipe fittings, the required operation space becomes smaller, which brings many convenient conditions for future maintenance. When the pipeline needs to be repaired and replaced, only two pieces of clamps need to be loosened to replace, rotate and modify a section of pipeline. There is no need to damage the surrounding walls, reducing maintenance time and maintenance costs.