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Classification of Stainless Steel Reducer

Jul. 09, 2020

The reducer is a scientific name, and it is usually popular by everyone. I believe everyone is familiar with it. Its function is to connect pipes and connect two pipes of different specifications. Sometimes it is used when the big pipe becomes small and sometimes it is used. Smaller pipes are used for larger pipes. It is used to connect two pipes with different calibers.

The application of stainless steel reducers is very extensive. Many industries are inseparable from stainless steel reducers, such as natural gas, hydropower, construction, petroleum, boilers, and other industries. The forming process of stainless steel reducers used in piping systems is very complicated and needs to be based on different The materials and uses are welded and cast under a certain pressure.

Stainless steel reducer is different from stainless steel round tube, square tube, and rectangular tube. It is also called stainless steel special-shaped tube and special-shaped stainless steel tube. Stainless steel reducer is one of the chemical pipe fittings, its main function is to connect two different sizes of pipe diameter, which can be divided into concentric reducer and eccentric stainless steel reducer.

Stainless Steel Reducer Socket

Stainless Steel Reducer Socket 

The materials of stainless steel reducer can be divided into stainless steel reducer, stainless steel reducer, and alloy steel stainless steel reducer. The steel used in stainless steel reducer is 20 steel or Q 234, Q 345, and other steels.

In stainless steel reducers, eccentric stainless steel reducers are mainly used to connect pipe fittings. Eccentric stainless steel reducers are generally made by shrink forming, and can also be compressed by shrinking and expanding processes. Stamping forming methods can also be used for some special specifications of stainless steel reducers. The eccentric stainless steel reducer can not only produce stainless steel reducer with a steel pipe as raw material, but also can stamp stainless steel reducer with steel plate forming method according to some special specifications of stainless steel, and design according to the inner surface size of stainless steel reducer pipe fittings The shape of the stamping die, and then punching and stretching the steel plate after punching with the stamping die.

Stainless Steel Reducer Socket can also be divided into electric furnace steel, converter steel, and furnace steel according to the smelting method, and can also be divided into special killed steel, boiling steel, semi-killed steel and killed steel according to the deoxidation method. According to carbon content, carbon steel can be divided into high carbon steel, medium carbon steel, and low carbon steel. According to the content of sulfur and phosphorus, carbon steel can be divided into ordinary carbon steel, ultra-high-quality steel, high-quality steel, and so on. Generally speaking, the higher the carbon content of stainless steel reducer, the greater the hardness and the higher the strength, but in contrast, its plasticity will become very low. So, what is the cause of this factor? Mainly mechanical properties, mainly carbon content in the steel. Steel that does not generally add a large amount of alloying elements is sometimes referred to as carbon steel and ordinary steel.