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Application of Elbow in Various Industries

Mar. 26, 2020

Stainless steel thread street elbow is often used in people's daily life and has been widely accepted and used by people. The universal use of elbows and the construction, decoration and laying of pipes can well guarantee The pipeline is normal and unobstructed. Although the elbow has been widely used in people, but its composition, carbon steel principle and other advantages, many people are not very clear, the following introduces the composition and advantages of the elbow, let everyone have more elbow Fully understand. The composition of the elbow is relatively simple, and its composition is relatively simple, which can make people understand and imagine easily. Stainless steel thread elbow 90 ° has excellent impact strength, can be hot-melt welded and mechanically connected and has better thermal conductivity than PB-PP-R.

The national standard elbow needs normalizing + tempering heat treatment and machining ports, and the wall thickness needs to have burnout and machining allowance. The ball valve, globe valve and gate valve of Mengcun elbow should be fully opened or fully closed when in use. It is not necessary to adjust the flow, avoid the erosion of the sealing surface, and accelerate the wear of the elbow. When the arc starting section of the elbow is a butt weld, these changing external loads will cause the weld to be in a complex stress state, which will seriously weaken the strength of the weld, reduce the working ability of the bend, and shorten the service life of the bend. From the above considerations, the interface of the butt welding elbow is changed to a straight section butt, that is, it is designed with a straight section elbow, which is conducive to the butt joint, improve the quality of the weld joint, and improve the service life of the elbow.

Stainless Steel Thread Street Elbow

Stainless Steel Thread Street Elbow

The important applications of 90° LR elbow in various industries:

1. Application in metallurgy and power industry

Metallurgical and electric power industries need to consume a large number of metal pipelines every year to transport pulverized coal, ash, sludge, lime and gypsum slurry. The use of ceramic composite pipes to replace other pipes has the characteristics of high wear resistance, long life, convenient installation, and significant economic benefits.

2.Applications in the mining and coal industries

(1) Mine: Mine filling, concentrate powder and tailings transportation have severely worn the pipeline. The service life of the ore powder transportation pipelines used in the past such as Panzhihua and Daye Mine is less than one year. Changing to this pipe can increase the service life. 5 times or so. The application of wear-resistant elbow solves the urgent need for these.

(2) Coal: Wet conveying is widely used in coal preparation and long-distance pipeline transportation. It is required that the conveying pipe is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant. The wear-resistant elbow can be used as a long-life conveying pipe with considerable economic benefits.


(1) The wear-resistant elbow does not pollute or stick to molten aluminium. Manufacture of aluminium melting equipment, aluminium liquid conveying pipes, and riser pipes that are sensitive to iron pollution and require heavy labour to sort and repair after use are currently the ideal materials.

(2) The tube has good abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance. Suitable for transporting corrosive materials containing solid particles, corrosive media such as high-temperature corrosive gases and sulphur-containing geothermal water.